Mobile Tracking


Private Tracker Pro  v.1.0

Private Tracker Pro is a mobile tracking tool that runs on Windows Mobile-based PDAs and Smartphones. Private Tracker Pro tracks the user's current location and logs the locations that the user has visited into a hidden log file.

Earth Location for Java ME GPS Phones  v.1.0

Ideal for business or families. Revolutionary GSM mobile phone tracking technology now allows registered users to locate a mobile and then displays the GSM mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network. Based on repeater


Turbo Tape  v.2.0

Turbo Tape backups (time-controlled as well (and as Service)) any data or Harddrives onto the first tape drive in the employed computer system. A program compression is inserted with it, before writing data to the packed Tape. With compression,

MATCH - Mobile Action Tracking Companion  v.1.0.1

MATCH is an application for J2ME / JavaME enabled devices which allows tracking (recording of tracks) and route-navigation with your mobile phone and a NMEA-compliant Bluetooth GPS-Receiver when jogging or biking.

Mobile Planet Tracking  v.0.1

Mobile Planet Tracking, lets you track the position of any of the 8 planets in the Solar System, you can specify your current earth position, date and time to get the most approximated values.

Portfolio mobile - Stock Tracking & Market Analysis  v.1.0.18

** Portfolio mobile is now on all your favorite platforms.

Chronos eStockCard v3 Mobile Edition  v.3.3.3

Chronos eStockCard v3 Mobile Edition is an effective tool for storing and retrieving from the palm of your hand from any place around your warehouse via the WIFI connection. Stock info will be updated instantly to ensure efficiency.

Asset Tracking Manager Enterprise  v.2011.07.27.01

Track your asset inventory records with our asset tracker software. Asset Tracking Manager is an asset and inventory tracking register that delivers powerful functionality with an easy-to-use user interface.

Redcoal Mobile Messenger  v.4.0

Chat via SMS with Mobile Messenger! Just click the send SMS button created by this easy-to-install program and send and receive SMS messages to and from your field employees, staff, clients, partners and friends to and from over 130 countries.

Mobile SafePatrol  v.5.2.2

Mobile SafePatrol is an Anti-Theft Data Protection program that will sound anti-theft alarm when the power cord is unplugged or your laptop lid is closing. It also sounds an alarm when your computer battery level is low.1.

Mobile Mommy  v.

Mobile Mommy is a free parenting application that provides tracking for formula and nursing feedings. The feeding data is rolled up by the day and displayed in a month-view with colors indicating if your child is getting enough.

Golf Stats Mobile  v.

dubsware is a small software business, built by avid golfers. With a saturated market of golf tracking applications and mobile phone gps trackers,

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